ZipDX STIR/SHAKEN Confirmation and Debugging Tool

When you call one of our test numbers, we capture the IDENTITY header and display it to you here when you enter the code we provide over the phone. To use:

  1. Call one of these test numbers (note that Identity headers are less likely to be passed via toll-free numbers):
    1-202-984-1661 (Bandwidth)
    1-425-400-5544 (Sinch)
    1-231-876-3120 (Peerless)
    1-346-287-7448 (Call48)
    1-737-239-0640 (VoIP Innovations)
    1-646-536-4794 (Lumen/Level3)
    1-587-887-9890 (Fibernetics / Canada)
    1-800-608-4005 (Verizon/MCI CIC 0222)
    1-800-608-4006 (Lumen/Level3 CIC 5102)
    1-800-608-4007 (Sinch/Iqnt CIC 0913)
  2. If we receive an IDENTITY header, we will play to you a six-digit code. If we do not get the header, we will tell you.
  3. Once you have disconnected, enter the code here and we will decode and display the header. Results are retained for 72 hours.

If you have questions, comments or feedback, write to: support at

Frequently Asked Question: Why didn't you get my IDENTITY header?

Answer: There are several possibilities. One is that no header was sent by the originator. A second is that some provider in the call path failed to pass it along. A third is that part of your call path was over TDM. For example, AT&T currently sends most calls to Sinch via TDM.

Note that your results with other terminating providers will not necessarily match what you see here. The results depend on the details of that terminating provider's STIR/SHAKEN implementation and the specific path taken from your point of origination to that terminating provider. Results can differ from one call to the next due to variations in the call path.

Input 6-digit access code