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Apollo Cloud Solutions Ltd
{"ct_name":"MIchelle Atkinson","ct_title":"Chief Operations Officer","ct_dept":"Operations","ct_address":"The Tannery, 91 Kirkstall Road | West Yorkshire LS3 1HS Leeds, United Kingdom","ct_tel":"+443333582014","ct_email":"matkinson@apollocloud.co.uk","bz_address":"The Tannery, 91 Kirkstall Road | West Yorkshire LS3 1HS Leeds, United Kingdom","country":"United Kingdom","declare":"2024-05-01","last_seen":"2024-07-25","sys_id":"dd58ac9b87790650b986a7570cbb3532","is_new":0,"gw_prov":"false","gw_prov_choice":"No","combined_gw":"false","ipr_imported":"false","voice_choice":"Yes","intermed_choice":"No","investigated":"No","intermed_exempt_rule":"","gw_exempt_rule":"","voice_exempt_rule":"We have recently acquired a new customer, ConnectWise, and as part of the migration of services have been asked to move their numbers, which are provided by Bandwidth, from their existing provider (Gradwell Communications Limited) to ourselves. The US numbers will be used by our customer, ConnectWise, in their US business. They currently have offices in Tampa, FL; Draper, UT; Harlan, IA; Cranberry, PA, plus locations in India, Philippines, Australia and the UK. The numbers will be used primarily to communicate between offices and with partners, vendors and prospects.","investigate_descript":""}
 United Kingdom
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