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FCC 499 DB: 823886 CORES fcc.gov: 4992053
Address: 3901 Technology Dr | Paducah, KY 42001 Phone: (800) 545-4274 x10361 Filing Date: 2022-04-01 Provider Type: CAP/CLEC
Titles: Aero Communications, LLC; Heartland Communications Internet Service, Inc.; Computer Services, Inc.; CSI Telecom Group, Inc

Risk Medium KYC 2 Vol 2 CID 2 CDR 0 Trace 2 Score 8 Reviewed On 2022-03-03
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Aero Communications, LLC
{"ct_name":"Brian Glover","ct_title":"Director of Telecommunications","ct_dept":"CSI Telecom","ct_address":"3901 Technology Dr | Paducah KY 42003","ct_tel":"2704427361","ct_email":"brian.glover@csiweb.com","bz_address":"3901 Technology Dr | Paducah KY 42003","country":"United States of America","declare":"2022-03-01","last_seen":"2022-07-04","sys_id":"c457b068dbc2c11032765425f39619cf","is_new":0}
Paducah KYPartial S/SRMP82022-03-01