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XYBERMED CORPORATION Bohemia NYComplete S/S  2022-11-02  (4)
Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership Corporation
DBA: Yadtel, Zirrus
0511Yadkinville NCComplete S/SRMPLR2021-06-212024-04-22 (12)
YakPath LLC Orlando FLComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (5)
YanceyWorks Roseville CAComplete S/S  2021-11-052022-08-25 (4)
Yardi Kube, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Yardi Systems, Inc. 100% owner. There are no subsidiaries or affiliates.
271KSanta Barbara CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-09-132024-02-27 (9)
YB Tech Solutions Inc Spring Valley NYComplete S/SRMP02022-03-072024-03-31 (7)
Yelcot Telephone Company
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Yelcot Holding Group Mountain VIew Telephone Company Yelcot Video Group
1733Mountain Home ARPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-292024-02-23 (13)
Yelcot Video Group, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Yelcot Holding Group Yelcot Telephone Company Mountain View Telephone Company
398HMountain Home ARComplete S/SRMPLR2021-06-292024-02-23 (12)
Yellowknife Wireless Company, LLC
DBA: Yellowknife Wireless, LLC
 Bend ORNo S/SRMPLR2021-09-282022-08-25 (6)
Prev: H&A Technologies
 Cullman ALNo S/SRMP12021-11-122022-08-25 (5)
Yemot Hamashiach Ltd Israel
No S/SRMPLR2021-10-072022-08-25 (5)
Yeoman Telephone Company Inc.0839Yeoman INNo S/SRMP02021-06-232024-02-10 (1)
YesCode LLC DBA PhoneSpeak
DBA: PhoneSpeak
 LAS VEGAS NVNo S/SRMP32021-10-122024-03-30 (7)
YLINX, LLC Sarasota FLComplete S/S  2022-02-182022-08-25 (4)
YMax Communications Corp.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
Kenneth Young Laurie Frank Ananth Veluppillai Howard Weitzman Alan Forman Thomas Kelleher Bryant Riley Phillip Ahn
257EWest Palm Beach FLComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-04-302024-02-26 (12)
Yoji Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Steve Choy - Owner
 Los Angeles CANo S/SRMPLR2021-09-272024-04-25 
Yoko Networks Palos Heights ILPartial S/SRMPNYS2021-09-092022-08-25 (7)
yondertele Inc
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: YONDETECH INC is our affiliate
 Round Rock TXNo S/SRMPNYS2024-04-29  
yondoo Broadband, LL
DBA: yondoo
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: MidAtlanticBroadband, Inc
 Baltimore MDComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-08-042024-04-19 (9)
York Telecom Corporation Eatontown NJNo S/SRMP52021-09-282022-08-25 (6)
Yorkstream Communications LLC Albany NYComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-06-12  
Yorktel Telecom
DBA: Yorktel
 Eatontown NJNo S/SRMPNYS2024-04-03  
Yotpo Inc
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: SMSBump Ltd (subsidiary)
 New York NYNo S/SRMPNYS2024-04-032024-04-21 (1)
YouMail Inc.695JIrvine CAComplete S/SRMP112021-06-222024-04-29 (12)
Youngsville TV Corp
DBA: Blue Fiber
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: None (section 501(c)(12) member owned corporation)
NoYoungsville PAComplete S/SRMPNYS2023-07-172024-03-07 (6)
Your Business I.T. Inc. Canada
  2021-09-302023-08-16 (6)
Your Business I.T. Inc. Canada
Complete S/S  2021-09-302022-08-25 (4)
Your IT Process Walkerville MIComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-232024-02-24 (3)
Your Office Ally LLC North Haledon NJComplete S/S  2021-11-172022-08-25 (4)
DBA: Gator Telcom
 Sunrise FLNo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-132022-08-25 (6)
Your Voice Global Technologies Corp New York NYComplete S/S  2021-09-172022-08-25 (5)
YourSIP Telecom Palm Harbor FLNo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-282024-04-26 (6)
YOVU Office Phone
Prev: LCA Systems Inc
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: LCA Systems Inc
Partial S/SRMP42021-06-092024-04-01 (7)
Ytel, Inc.703JFoothill Ranch CAComplete S/SRMP62021-04-212024-03-14 (15)
Yucca Telecommunications Systems, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Coop
2350Portales NMPartial S/SRMP02021-05-312024-02-07 (1)
Yukon-Waltz Telephone Company
DBA: LHTC Broadband
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
Laurel Highland & South Canaan Telephone Companies, Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services, Inc. & Laurel Highland Long Distance Company
0215Donegal PAComplete S/SRMP42021-06-292024-02-26 (13)
YuppTV USA, Inc. U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-09-282023-08-16 (7)
Yves A Martin Consulting, LLC
DBA: M-Qual
 U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-09-152023-08-16 (7)
DBA: Lyons Communications
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Kevin Mahoney, Josh Elson, Momentum Telecom, Inc
 Lyons COComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-26  (1)
Zach Rodgers, LLC
DBA: Revolt Voice
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Zachary Rodgers
423KWinder GAComplete S/SRMPLR2022-06-212024-02-23 (11)
Zaheen Telecom
Prev: Flexer Telecom
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Cezar Oprea and Alexandru Popovici shareholders.
No S/SRMPNYS2024-01-172024-04-25 (2)
Zain Global Communications Services S.P.C Bahrain
No S/SRMP12021-06-242022-08-25 (5)
Zak Enterprise, LLC Austin TXComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-03-16  
Zan Inc.
DBA: RingZan
 Orlando FLPartial S/SRMP12021-09-272022-08-25 (6)
Zap Systems Inc.
DBA: Floorzap
 Sugar Land TXComplete S/S  2022-01-132022-08-25 (4)
Zaplee Austin TXComplete S/S  2021-09-192022-08-25 (5)
Zapp Telecom United Kingdom
No S/SRMPNYS2023-06-12  (2)
ZAR Network LLC
Prev: Premiums Network
 Sheridan WYNo S/SRMPNYS2022-04-192023-01-26 (6)
Zathura IT Solutions OPC Private Limited India
  2021-11-082023-08-16 (5)
Zayo Canada Inc. f/k/a Allstream Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Zayo Group, LLC; Allstream Business Inc.
Complete S/SRMPNYS2023-08-082024-02-23 (1)
Zayo Group, LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Allstream Business US, LLC; Electric Lightwave, LLC; Zayo Canada Inc.
4130Boulder COComplete S/SRMPNYS2023-08-082024-02-23 (1)
zdSCADA, LP Tyler TXComplete S/S  2022-06-102022-08-25 (4)
Zealous Services LLC Sheridan WYNo S/SRMP02021-09-282022-08-25 (6)
Zeb Telecom BAYTOWN TXComplete S/S  2023-03-23  (2)
Zebtelcom BAYTOWN TXComplete S/S  2023-04-08  (2)
Zee Group
DBA: On Call Practice
 East Northport NYComplete S/S  2021-09-242022-08-25 (5)
zeekatel voip Memphis TNComplete S/SRMPNYS2023-09-01  (3)
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: JAIME RENE MENDOZA AGUILAR
 Orlando FLNo S/SRMP42021-07-272024-04-03 
Zella Technologies, LLC647KHammond LAComplete S/SRMP02021-09-292024-04-03 (8)
Zen Communications, LLC
DBA: Zen Communications
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: The Riverside Company: 100% owner. Filer has no affiliates or subsidiaries.
454KFort Collins COComplete S/SRMP32021-09-272024-03-29 (8)
ZendaTelephone Company Inc
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: TelAtlantic Communications, Inc., West Side Telephone Co., Miller Telephone Co.
1852Zenda KSPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-082024-03-07 (16)
Zentage Communication llc Cheyenne WYPartial S/SRMPNYS2024-05-14  
Zeribs IT Solutions Pakistan
No S/SRMP22021-07-122022-08-25 (5)
Zeribs Telecom LLC Sheridan WyomingNo S/SRMP62021-07-122023-11-01 (10)
ZeroPoint Platforms Inc Lewes DEComplete S/S  2023-06-14  (2)
Zeta Broadband, Inc. Rancho Murieta CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-09-152024-03-29 (6)
ZETTALYNC LLC Frisco TXComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-27  (1)
Zeus Communications South LLC
DBA: Zeuscomm1
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Zeus Communications South LLC
 Bradenton FLComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-09-272024-04-15 (6)
Zeust Limited Cyprus
No S/SRMPNYS2023-06-222024-04-03 (3)
Ziggoo Technologies LLC Arlington VAPartial S/SRMPLR2022-02-012022-08-25 (5)
Zing My Order LLC Haltom City TXComplete S/S  2021-10-252022-08-25 (4)
Zingo media group LLC piscataway NJNo S/SRMP52021-09-222022-08-25 (6)
Zion Broadband, Inc. U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-10-222023-08-16 (7)
ZipCrunch LLC Buffalo NYComplete S/S 32021-09-152023-06-21 (7)
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: David Frankel
185KSaint George UTComplete S/SRMPLR2021-09-222024-02-05 (9)
Ziplingo, LLC Lindon UTNo S/SRMP22021-12-152022-08-25 (5)
Ziply Fiber Northwest LLC
DBA: Ziply Fiber
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Northwest Fiber, LLC (FRN: 0028605202
4321Kirkland WAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-06-302024-04-10 (10)
ZippyTech LLC
DBA: ZippyTech of New Mexico LLC Cedar Networks Ting Internet
Prev: Previously Zippytech Incorporated
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
Tucows Inc. - indirect parent company Ting Fiber, LLC - indirect parent company Simply Bits, LLC - affiliate
588ACharlottesville VAPartial S/SRMP02021-07-152024-04-29 (12)
Ziprent Inc
DBA: Ziprent, Ziprent LLC
 Tiburon CA Intermed
  2023-10-24  (1)
Zirkel Wireless Steamboat Springs COComplete S/SRMP62021-06-302024-04-30 (11)
ZIRNET LLC Carle Place NYComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-04-17  
Zito West Holding, LLC
DBA: Treasure Lake, L.P., Zito Media Voice, LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
Please see Other FRNs and DBA sections. Zito West Holding, Treasure Lake, LP & Zito Media Voice, LLC are all related.
624GCoudersport PAComplete S/SRMPLR2021-09-152024-03-07 (12)
ZK Tech Inc.
Prev: Grand Dial Communications
 Grand Rapids MINo S/SRMP42021-09-212022-08-25 (6)
Zoe Communications Inc.
DBA: Teletek LLC
 Shell Lake WIComplete S/S  2021-08-302022-08-25 (7)
Zoho Corp Pleasanton CAPartial S/SRMP52021-11-182022-08-25 (5)
Zonatel LLC
DBA: Zonatel
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Zonatel LLC
257KSan Juan PRComplete S/SRMP22021-08-312024-02-21 (11)
Zone-tel Tavares FLComplete S/S  2022-06-032022-08-25 (4)
Zonitel Solutions LLC Katy TXComplete S/S  2021-10-122022-08-25 (5)
Zoom Networks, LLC Rome GANo S/SRMPNYS2023-07-212023-11-29 (1)
Zoom Online Group LLC
DBA: Zoom Online
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Wayne D'sa
 Dallas TXNo S/SRMPNYS2024-03-06  
Zoom Telcom, LLC Sandersville GAPartial S/SRMP12021-09-152022-08-25 (6)
Zoom Voice Communications, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
Zoom Video Communications, Inc; ZVC UK LTD; ZVC Australia PTY LTD; ZVC Netherlands B.V.; ZVC Japan KK; Zoom Video Communications (Suzhou) Inc; Saasbee Inc. (Hefei) Ltd; SaasBee Software (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd; ZVC France SAS; ZVC India PVT LTD; ZVC Canada LTD; Zoom Video Communications (Hong Kong) LTD; Zoom Video Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; ZVC Singapore Pte. Ltd; ZVC Germany GmbH; Keybase LLC; Zoom Video Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; Solvvy, LLC; Zoom Software (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd; Zoom Video Communications Korea, LLC.
672JSan Jose CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-06-252024-02-26 (10)
zoomMediaPlus, Inc U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-09-282023-08-16 (7)
Zoomtel LLC
DBA: n/z
Prev: n/z
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: n/z
 Sunny Isles beach FLNo S/SRMPNYS2021-06-292024-05-31 
ZOOP MOBILITY COMPANY Elk Grove Village ILComplete S/S  2023-03-23  (2)
ZP Better Together, LLC
DBA: ZVRS; Purple Communications
 Austin TXNo S/SRMPLR2021-09-282024-04-30 
zPaper, Inc.
Prev: Insite Designs, Inc.
 Roswell GANo S/SRMPLR2022-04-182022-08-25 (4)
Zray Technologies Corporation
DBA: ZTelco, Ringplan
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Jacob Hansen
862JPoway CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-09-132024-04-05 (6)
Ztelecom LLC Ellenton FLNo S/SRMP42021-07-012022-08-25 (9)
ZTelecom LLC Sheridan WYComplete S/S  2021-08-042022-08-25 (8)