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DBA: Claro Paraguay
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of America Movil, a Mexican holding company. The company's affiliates in the United States include LATAM Telecommunications, LLC, Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Claro Puerto Rico, and Claro Enterprise Solutions, L.L.C. As of the date of this filing, the company's directors are: Julio Porras (CEO), Daniel De Marco (CFO), and Hector Blanco (Commercial Director).
{"ct_name":"Marcelo Bianchi","ct_title":"Wholesale Manager","ct_dept":"International Services","ct_address":"Avenida de Mayo 878 | Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina","ct_tel":"+541141098888","ct_email":"marcelo.bianchi@claro.com.ar","bz_address":"Avenida de Mayo 878 | Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina","country":"Paraguay","declare":"2024-04-29","last_seen":"2024-06-19","sys_id":"10025572977d825039deff2ad053afbd","is_new":0,"gw_prov":"false","gw_prov_choice":"No","combined_gw":"false","ipr_imported":"false","voice_choice":"Yes","intermed_choice":"No","investigated":"No","intermed_exempt_rule":"","gw_exempt_rule":"","voice_exempt_rule":"The filer is a foreign voice service provider not subject to the FCC mandate.","investigate_descript":""}
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