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2X Solutions, LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Principal: Kevin DeMeritt
{"ct_name":"John Jenkins","ct_title":"General Counsel","ct_dept":"Legal Dept.","ct_address":"779 Newton Way | Costa Mesa CA 92627","ct_tel":"7142222333","ct_email":"john@2xsolutions.ai","bz_address":"779 Newton Way | Costa Mesa CA 92627","country":"United States of America","declare":"2024-04-29","last_seen":"2024-06-19","sys_id":"e59fe4b61bf1c2503c4edb1ee54bcb79","is_new":0,"gw_prov":"false","gw_prov_choice":"No","combined_gw":"false","ipr_imported":"false","voice_choice":"Yes","intermed_choice":"No","investigated":"No","intermed_exempt_rule":"","gw_exempt_rule":"","voice_exempt_rule":"2x Solutions does not meet the definition of a voice service provider or intermediate provider. It relies on providers who fall within STIR\/SHAKEN. 2x Solutions' Robocall Mitigation Plan notes the steps it has taken to ensure non-spoofed calls as it only uses actual DIDs that it purchases from the voice service providers. Moreover, it has committed to responding to any traceback requests that it ever receives and to direct inquiries to its customers, as necessary.","investigate_descript":""}
 Costa Mesa CAPartial S/SRMPNYS2024-04-29