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The I.T. Connection, Inc.
{"ct_name":"keith Seda","ct_title":"President","ct_dept":"President","ct_address":"444 N IL Route 31, Suite 105 | Crystal Lake IL 60012","ct_tel":"8155263600","ct_email":"keith@the-it-connection.com","bz_address":"444 N IL Route 31, Suite 105 | Crystal Lake IL 60012","country":"United States of America","declare":"2024-05-26","last_seen":"2024-06-25","sys_id":"569ec31b1b1eca1068b6a64ce54bcb5d","is_new":0,"gw_prov":"false","gw_prov_choice":"No","combined_gw":"false","ipr_imported":"false","voice_choice":"Yes","intermed_choice":"No","investigated":"No","intermed_exempt_rule":"","gw_exempt_rule":"","voice_exempt_rule":"Our company, as a reseller of voice services, qualifies for the exemption from STIR\/SHAKEN implementation under 47 CFR ? 64.6301(a). This exemption is applicable because we do not have control over the origination, authentication, or termination of calls. Our role is strictly limited to reselling services provided by an upstream voice service provider who is responsible for complying with STIR\/SHAKEN requirements. As a result, we are exempt from direct compliance with these protocols, as our operations do not include the technical capabilities or responsibilities associated with call authentication or termination.","investigate_descript":""}
 Crystal Lake ILNo S/SRMPNYS2024-05-26