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Alxtel, Inc.Chevy Chase MD Intermed
 22021-06-102022-08-25 (2)
Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company
DBA: Monitor Telecom
Woodburn ORNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-232022-08-25 (8)
Stratus Networks, Inc.
Prev: Access2Go, Inc
Peoria Heights ILComplete S/S  2021-06-012022-08-25 (7)
Enterprise Network Systems, IncChurchville NYComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (3)
Dell Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Dell City TXNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-232022-08-25 (8)
DataPro Computers LLCNorth Bergen NJPartial S/SRMP32021-10-212022-08-25 (4)
Wilderness Valley Telephone CompanyWawina MNPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-152022-08-25 (8)
Clarence Telephone Co., Inc.Clarence IANo S/SRMPLR2021-06-182022-08-25 (10)
Intercom OnlineNew York NYComplete S/S  2021-10-062022-08-25 (3)
VA Communications
DBA: Big Bear Telephone Service
Big Bear Lake CAComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (4)
Javis IndustriesMadison WIComplete S/S  2022-06-302022-08-25 (2)
J&M Repair, LLC DBA Logivision Technologies
DBA: Logivision Technologies
Prev: J&M Repair
Winesburg OHComplete S/S  2021-09-212022-08-25 (4)
Maquoketa Valley Rural Electric Cooperative d/b/a Maquoketa Valley Electric CooperativeAnamosa IANo S/SRMPLR2021-06-232022-08-25 (8)
Cellular South Licenses, LLCRidgeland MSPartial S/SRMP32021-06-242022-08-25 (8)
SpringFin, LLCBradenton FLComplete S/S  2022-09-10  (1)
Prev: Tele-Automation, LLC
New York NYPartial S/SRMP72022-01-182022-08-25 (3)
SDC GroupOverland Park KS Intermed
  2021-09-242022-08-25 (3)
Technical Consulting SpecialistsNorth Canton OHComplete S/S  2022-10-06  (1)
DBA: Cable TV of East Alabama, Phenix Cable
Phenix City ALComplete S/S  2021-06-102022-08-25 (8)
The Harbor City Corp/ACC TELECOMColumbia MDComplete S/S  2021-09-202022-08-25 (3)
Procomm Online IncFt Lauderdale FLComplete S/S 42021-08-232022-08-25 (8)
Logical Telecom, LP d/b/a LN Prepaid
DBA: KaskaTel Prepaid, Pilot Telecom, Oxis Prepaid, RedHills Prepaid, Magnicenter Prepaid, Altius Telecom, CI Prepaid, Dynamo Distribution, Elk Telecom, SanCom.
San Antonio TXComplete S/S LR2021-06-282022-08-25 (10)
Harrisonville Telephone CompanyWaterloo ILNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-112022-08-25 (9)
DID Central, LLC
DBA: DiDCentral, LLC
Sheridan Wyoming Intermed
  2021-04-192022-12-12 (11)
BEST-HOSTED-VOIP.COM CORPBethlehem PANo S/SRMP12022-06-082022-08-25 (2)
ImOn Communications, LLCCedar Rapids IANo S/SRMP52021-06-042022-08-25 (8)
Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association, IncHerreid SDPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-232022-08-25 (10)
ENC Access Investments llcWilson NCComplete S/S  2021-09-292022-08-25 (3)
Onlinecer Solutions LLCSheridan WYNo S/SRMPLR2022-03-262022-08-25 (2)
TeletaskFair Oaks CAComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (3)
Indiana RSA #1 Limited Partnership
DBA: Verizon Wireless
Prev: GTE Moblinet of Indiana RSA # 1 Limited Partnership
Alpharetta GAPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-252022-08-25 (7)
Qwest Services CorporationMonroe LAPartial S/SRMP82021-09-172022-08-25 (4)
Roamability LLCUnited States of America
Complete S/S  2021-08-112022-08-25 (6)
Castleberry Telephone Company IncCastleberry ALNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-302022-08-25 (8)
Lipan Telephone Co., Inc.Lipan TXNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-302022-08-25 (7)
kmdia inc
DBA: TechnoIP
Doral FLComplete S/S  2021-09-292022-08-25 (3)
Tarrytech Computer Consultants
DBA: Tarrytech Security Inc
Tarrytown NYComplete S/S  2021-09-292022-08-25 (3)
American Business Information Systemsgrand prairie TXComplete S/S  2021-09-242022-08-25 (3)
DBA: PBW Communications LLC
  2022-07-112022-08-25 (2)
Gulf Coast Services, Inc.
Prev: Gulf Coast Services, Inc.; The Gulf Service Company
Monroe LAPartial S/SRMP82021-09-162022-08-25 (4)
Round The Corner Computers, LLCEdison NJNo S/SRMPLR2021-10-062022-08-25 (4)
The CallProMonroe NYNo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-232022-08-25 (4)
Monster Telecom LLCSannFrancisco CANo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-272022-08-25 (4)
  2021-04-192022-12-12 (7)
ICIM Corporation dba Voitress
DBA: hellospoke
Prev: Indatus
Louisville KYNo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-202022-08-25 (4)
SCR Network
Camden TNComplete S/S  2021-08-302022-08-25 (5)
VDL INC d/b/a Global Telecom BrokersOwings Mills MDNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-242022-08-25 (8)
Board of Water, Light & Sinking Fund Commissioners of the City of Dalton, Georgia d/b/a Dalton Utili
DBA: Dalton Utilities
Dalton GANo S/SRMP52021-06-012022-08-25 (9)
WNM Communications Corporation
DBA: WNMC, Western New Mexico Telephone
Silver City NMComplete S/S LR2021-06-092022-08-25 (11)
Wilson Telephone Co Inc
DBA: Wilson Communications
Wilson KSNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-292022-08-25 (8)
Denson TechnologiesBillings MTComplete S/S  2021-09-142022-08-25 (3)
Advanced Messaging Services, LLCBandera TXNo S/SRMPNYS2021-08-202022-08-25 (7)
CarolinaConnect Cooperative Inc.
DBA: CarolinaConnect
Lexington SCPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-192022-08-25 (8)
UBTA-UBET Communications, Inc. d/b/a STRATA Networks
DBA: STRATA Networks; RINA Wireless; Uintah Basin Long Distance
Prev: UBTA-UBET Communications, Inc; Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommunications, LLC dba UBET Wireless; Rural Independent Network Alliance, LLC, UBLD
Roosevelt UTNo S/SRMP42021-05-052022-08-25 (10)
Indianhead Telephone Company
DBA: Bevcomm
BLUE EARTH MNNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-232022-08-25 (8)
Volocall, LLCTroy MIComplete S/S 22021-08-062022-08-25 (8)
Vultik INCCasper WYNo S/SRMP12021-09-302022-08-25 (5)
Stimulus Technologies of California, LLC
DBA: Stimulus Technologies
Long Beach CAPartial S/SRMP62022-05-272022-08-25 (2)
KKGaming, IncSan Francisco CANo S/SRMP02021-08-132022-10-11 (8)
Hover Networks, Inc.Buffalo NYComplete S/S 42021-06-232022-08-25 (9)
Contact CommunicationsRiverton WYComplete S/S  2021-06-212022-08-25 (7)
ENQWEST, LLCFairfield NJ Intermed
  2021-06-282022-08-25 (6)
101NetlinkWhitethorn CAComplete S/S  2021-06-302022-08-25 (6)
EarthWing Ventures Incorporated
DBA: EarthWing
Zionsville INComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (3)
Open Air WirelessVolo ILComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (3)
Web Ventures LLC
DBA: HumbleFax.com
Ridgewood NJComplete S/S  2021-09-202022-08-25 (4)
Pennsylvania RSA No. 6 (I) Limited Partnership
DBA: Verizon Wireless
Alpharetta GAPartial S/SRMP122021-06-252022-08-25 (7)
200 Networks LLCReno NVNo S/SRMP72021-04-222022-08-25 (10)
First Light Fiber, LLCCorinth MSNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-112022-08-25 (8)
BT Americas Inc.
DBA: BT; EE; British Telecom; Radianz
Prev: BT Conferencing; BT Conferencing Video; BT North America; BT Global
Reston VAPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-292022-08-25 (8)
BLANK Complete S/S  2022-04-152022-08-25 (2)
DBA: LorainTel
WILMINGTON NCComplete S/S  2021-10-012022-08-25 (3)
Total Telecom Solutions, LLCHarvest ALNo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-302022-08-25 (4)
Hargray of Florida, Inc.
DBA: Hargray
Savannah GeorgiaNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-282022-11-07 (9)
Arlington TXComplete S/S  2021-08-202022-08-25 (6)
Windstream NuVox, LLC
Prev: NuVox Communications, Inc.
Little Rock Arkansas Intermed
  2021-04-192022-12-12 (9)
Surf Air Wireless, LLC
DBA: Surf Broadband Solutions
La Porte INNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-252022-08-25 (8)
business telecommunications services, inc.
DBA: BTS; BTS Global
miami FLPartial S/SRMP42021-06-172022-08-25 (8)
Natel Inc.
DBA: Natel Broadband
Prev: Eastlight, L.C.
Fairfield IANo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-242022-08-25 (5)
Level 3 Telecom of Colorado, LLC
Prev: tw telecom of colorado llc; Time Warner Telecom of Colorado LLC
Monroe LAPartial S/SRMP82021-09-152022-08-25 (4)
Meriplex Telecom LLCHouston TXPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-222022-08-25 (8)
Prev: Jp network solutions
Franklin park NJComplete S/S  2021-08-272022-08-25 (5)
Peoples Telephone Company, Inc.
Madison WIPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-292022-08-25 (9)
CoastConnect, LLC
DBA: CoastConnect
KILN MSPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-282022-08-25 (7)
Ready Wireless, LLC
DBA: Boomerang
Hiawatha Iowa Intermed
  2021-04-192022-12-12 (8)
Star2Star Communications, LLCSarasota FLComplete S/S 22021-06-292022-10-04 (8)
Chariton Valley Communication Corporation, Inc.Macon MissouriPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-282023-01-10 (9)
Callifi, LLCScarsdale NYComplete S/S  2021-05-122022-08-25 (8)
Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLCGardena CANo S/SRMPLR2021-06-292022-08-25 (7)
Monroe, Georgia Water Light and Gas Commission
DBA: Monroe Access
Monroe GAPartial S/SRMPNYS2021-09-242022-08-25 (5)
BPO TexasRound Rock TXComplete S/S  2022-08-18  (1)
NT telecomBrooklyn NYNo S/SRMP12021-04-272022-08-25 (9)
DFT Local Service CorporationFREDONIA NYNo S/SRMPLR2021-04-302022-08-25 (9)
Tele-SyS, Inc.
DBA: Access America Access America Telephone Company
Oak Ridge TNPartial S/SRMP62021-09-032022-08-25 (7)
Polar Telcom, Inc.Park River NDNo S/SRMPLR2021-06-212022-08-25 (8)
The El Paso County Telephone Co
DBA: CenturyLink
Prev: The El Paso County Mutual Telephone Company
Monroe LAPartial S/SRMP82021-09-162022-08-25 (5)
Tech-Com, Inc.
DBA: Genuine Tel
Richland Center WINo S/SRMPLR2021-06-142022-08-25 (8)
Telco ConnectionStanwood WANo S/SRMP72021-06-292022-08-25 (7)
Chattertel.com, LLCWinter Haven FLComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (3)
1Voice Sales IncSunny Isles beach FLComplete S/S  2021-09-152022-08-25 (3)