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3Y Telecom, LLC U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-10-092023-08-16 (7)
4 SIWI LLC Marion ILComplete S/S  2021-09-232022-08-25 (5)
4-County Fiber, LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 4-County Electric Power Association - Parent Company
 Columbus MSComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-10-052024-02-26 (7)
412 Telecom LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Thomas Yapsuga
739KPittsburgh PAComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-01-232024-06-05 (3)
42com Telecommunication GmbH
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 42com International LTD (UK), AVISO MESSAGING LTD (UK)
No S/SRMP12021-12-142024-03-31 (6)
440 HZ France
  2023-04-052023-08-16 (2)
48TELCOM, LLC Doral FLNo S/SRMP62021-09-152022-08-25 (6)
4Carriers Global Sp. z o.o. Poland
No S/SRMP02021-08-122022-09-13 (8)
4D Support
DBA: 4D Solutions LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 4D Support Inc.
 Fishers INComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-22  (1)
4G Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore
Partial S/SRMPNYS2023-03-01  (2)
4ip Technology
DBA: Nexstream
Prev: Hill Country Computer and Network Services
 Fredericksburg TXComplete S/S  2022-05-182022-08-25 (4)
4IT Inc. Miami FLComplete S/S  2021-09-232022-08-25 (5)
4QuartersIT Jacksonville FLComplete S/S  2021-09-272022-08-25 (5)
4Voice LLC Boca Raton FLPartial S/SRMP42021-06-282022-08-25 (9)
50 Stars IT Technologies  Complete S/S  2023-01-30  (2)
5th Gear Technology Concepts
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 5th Gear Technology Concepts
 Nashville TNComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-05-22  
5x5 Contact Services, LLC Whitehouse TX Intermed
  2022-09-102023-08-16 (4)
6409024 Canada Inc
DBA: Jikatel Canada
No S/SRMP12021-09-012022-08-25 (5)
664266 N.-B. Inc.
  2021-09-152023-08-16 (6)
6x6 Termination Corporation
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Awais Akhter, Kevin Reid
895KHouston TXComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-04-02  
708971 Alberta LTD Canada
Complete S/S  2021-10-212024-02-27 (5)
724Care inc Philippines
Partial S/SRMP32021-09-272022-08-25 (5)
7G Network, Inc. Camarillo CAPartial S/SRMP02021-06-302024-04-09 (11)
800 Response Information Services LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 800 Response Marketing, LLC
797JSouth Burlington VTPartial S/SRMPLR2021-06-252024-02-27 (15)
800com, LLC Longboat Key FLComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-09-292024-04-04 
800LiNK, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Scott Beil: 100% owner.
106KClermont FLComplete S/SRMPNYS2022-05-022024-02-21 (7)
802 Link Inc
DBA: CyberGear
 Mount Airy NCComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-232024-03-07 (3)
805 IT guys Camarillo CAComplete S/S  2021-11-052022-08-25 (4)
8406065 Canada Inc/MC Telecoms
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 8406065 Canada Inc/MC Telecoms
No S/SRMPNYS2024-04-13  
844SpeakEZ, LLC Alton ILNo S/SRMP82021-09-232022-08-25 (6)
8522561 Canada Corp.
DBA: Kimoby
Complete S/SRMPNYS2021-09-232024-02-21 (6)
86Borders, LLC Atlanta GAPartial S/SRMPLR2021-09-232022-08-25 (7)
888 Management Miami FLComplete S/S  2022-06-242022-08-25 (4)
8corenetworks Philippines
Partial S/SRMPNYS2021-09-242024-04-15 
8x8, Inc.
DBA: Fuze, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: See the Ownership and Management section of the attached Robocall Mitigation Plan.
193ECampbell CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-06-232024-02-26 (11)
903 Broadband Leonard TXComplete S/S  2021-09-142022-08-25 (5)
9053-6590 QUEBEC INC. Canada
No S/SRMP42021-10-052022-08-25 (5)
911 Computer Repair Corp.
DBA: Voice in a Cloud
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: 911 Computer Repair Corp.
 Riverton UTComplete S/SRMP02021-09-102024-02-21 (1)
9171-5573 Quebec Inc
DBA: VoIP.ms
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: This has been documented in our robocall mitigation program.
Partial S/SRMP12021-05-062024-04-22 (13)
925 Telecom LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Elizabeth Rose
719KRichmond VAComplete S/SRMPNYS2023-10-302024-04-01 (3)
9326-9108 QUEBEC INC.
DBA: emak Telecom
No S/SRMPLR2021-10-122022-08-25 (5)
9x9 Technologies Inc Brooklyn NYNo S/SRMP32021-09-232022-08-25 (6)
@Link Services, LLC
DBA: AtLink Services, LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
Principals: Samual Curtis, CEO & Director; Patrick Castleberry, Pres. & General Counsel; Raj Veerappan, CTO; Ben Ray, COO; Lugina Jernigan, CFO; Kenneth Doughty, Chair of the Board of Directors, Samuel Sanchez, Director. Affiliates: The Hinton CATV Co., Inc. (Member of AtLInk Services, LLC; The Hinton Telephone Company of Hinton, Oklahoma, Inc. (Affiliate of The Hinton CAT;V Communications Equipment Corporation, (Member of AtLink Services, LLC); Cherokee Telephone Company (Affiliate of Communications Equipment Corporation); and Specialty Telecommunications Services, LLC (wholly-owned engineering firm of Samual Curtis) Subsidiaries: None. Parent Company: None, although The Hinton CATV Co., Inc. holds the controlling Membership Interest in AtLink Services, LLC.
638KOklahoma City OKComplete S/SRMPLR2021-06-292024-04-24 
A & A Communications Panther WVComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-06-302024-04-28 (9)
A Bargain Service Inc.
DBA: Sutton Service, Ace Appliance Repair, Homes FSBO LLC, Landlord2Landlord LLC, Panorama Press Inc.,
Prev: A Bargain Appliance Repair Inc
 Woodstock GAComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (5)
A O INTL LTD United Kingdom
Partial S/SRMPNYS2024-01-10  (1)
A Plus Affordable Products Ruckersville VAComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-04-17  
A Quality Connection
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: A Quality Connection, LLC
 Escondido CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-26  (1)
A to Z PC, LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Robert Cooke
 Louisville KYComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-05-29  
A+ Wireless
DBA: Advantage Telecom
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Chris Brashears
 Oxnard CAComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-05-262024-02-17 (13)
A-1 Chrysalis Technologies LLC
Prev: A- Voice & Data
 Houston TXComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-03-04  (1)
DBA: A-1 Tel-Com
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: A-1 Tel-Com, Inc.
 LIBERTY TXComplete S/SRMPNYS2024-02-222024-03-07 (3)
A-Town Media U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-10-052023-08-16 (7)
A.Shammah Corporation
DBA: A.Shammah Telecom
 Deal NJComplete S/S  2023-11-06  (1)
A.T.C. Voice Data Inc. Atlantic Highlands NJNo S/SRMPLR2022-03-042022-08-25 (4)
A1 Telekom Austria AG
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: America Movil, A1 Serbia, A1 North Macedonia, A1 Croatia, A1 Slovenia, A1 Belarus, A1 Bulgaria
No S/SRMPLR2021-06-252024-07-01 (8)
A101 Technology LLC
DBA: Amp Telecom
 U.S. Virgin Islands
Complete S/S  2021-11-172022-08-25 (6)
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: A1ROUTES LLC
 Houston TXNo S/SRMP52021-09-252024-04-29 (7)
A2Z Global India
No S/SRMP32022-02-162022-08-25 (4)
A3 Communications, Inc.
Prev: Converged Communications
 Irmo SCComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (5)
AA Answerphones
DBA: Answerphone, A Better Answer
 Albany NYComplete S/SRMPLR2021-09-152024-03-29 
AAA American Leasing LLC
DBA: AAA data Solutions
 Milford CTComplete S/S  2022-09-11  (4)
AAA Communications Inc Brandon FLComplete S/S  2021-09-252022-08-25 (5)
AAA Enterprise Solutions Inc.
DBA: Ombrex Telecom
No S/SRMPNYS2023-08-30  (3)
AAA Security Communications Salt Lake City UTNo S/SRMPLR2021-09-212022-08-25 (6)
Aasani Telecom U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-09-272023-08-16 (7)
Abadata Connect Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Owners
 Sebewaing MINo S/SRMPNYS2024-03-01  (1)
Abatri Solutions Inc.
DBA: AltaCom
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Abatri Solutions Inc. o/a AltaCom
No S/SRMPNYS2024-06-10  
Abbax Technologies, Inc.
DBA: Abbax
 Burbank CANo S/SRMP12022-09-02  (4)
Abby Connect
DBA: TelAssistant LLC
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Plaza Offices
 Las Vegas NVComplete S/SRMPLR2021-09-232024-04-19 (7)
ABC Marketing Services Corp Ltd Belize
Complete S/S  2021-09-302022-08-25 (4)
Abe Media LLC. NY 10016 New York, United StatesNo S/SRMPNYS2023-01-17  (2)
Abine, Inc. Somerville MAComplete S/S  2021-09-242022-08-25 (5)
Abria, Inc.
DBA: AbriaCloud Technologies
Prev: BrightCloud Technologies
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: John Busse, President
 Marietta GAComplete S/SRMP12021-09-152024-03-29 (8)
ABRZ International LTD U.S. Virgin Islands
  2021-09-202023-08-16 (7)
Absolute Global Outsourcing LLC
DBA: Absolute Global Outsourcing Private Limited
No S/SRMP22022-05-242022-08-25 (4)
Absolute Global Outsourcing Private Limited India
No S/SRMP22021-11-292022-08-25 (5)
Absolute Logic Wilton CTComplete S/S  2021-12-212022-08-25 (4)
Absolute Telecom Pte Ltd Singapore
No S/SRMPNYS2023-07-16  (3)
Absolute Voice LLC.
DBA: AbsoluteVoice LLC.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Robert Ener
655KSchertz TXComplete S/SRMPNYS2023-01-242024-03-15 (3)
ABVOIPTEL LLC Wilmington DelawarePartial S/SRMPNYS2024-07-10  
ACACIA CAPITAL GROUP LLC Chula Vista CAComplete S/S  2021-09-282022-08-25 (5)
ACASPro Software Pompano Beach FLComplete S/S  2023-07-17  (2)
Accelerate Networks Seattle WAComplete S/SRMP52021-09-242024-03-29 (8)
Accelerated Voice
DBA: GotoPhone;Budget800
 Palo Alto CAComplete S/SRMP12021-09-162024-04-02 (8)
Accent Communication Services, Inc.Accent Information Systems
DBA: Accent Information Systems
 Columbus OHNo S/SRMPNYS2022-02-172024-02-26 (6)
Access Business Technologies, LLC Folsom CAComplete S/S  2021-09-302022-08-25 (5)
Access Cable Television, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Roy L Baker, Owner Momentum Telecom, Affiliate
 Somerset KYComplete S/SRMPNYS2021-06-112024-02-26 (13)
Access Haiti S.A. Haiti
Complete S/S  2023-06-06  (2)
Access One, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Brian Barkley and Mark Jozwiak
5447Chicago ILComplete S/SRMP22021-06-212024-04-24 (12)
Access Tandem, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Access Tandem is the Principle
731JLas Vegas NVComplete S/SRMP62021-04-212024-02-26 (1-2)
Access Technology, Inc. North Chesterfield VANo S/SRMPNYS2021-09-152022-08-25 (6)
Access, Inc.
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent:
President: Curt Stucky 1441 Lincoln Ave, Louisville KY 40213 Vice President: John Zanchi 1441 Lincoln Ave, Louisville KY 40213
 Louisville KYNo S/SRMP12021-09-292024-04-10 (8)
AccessDirect, Inc. Lenexa KSComplete S/SRMP32021-09-222024-04-02 (7)
Accessline Communications Corporation
DBA: Voice Telco Services
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Voice Telco Services
 Sunnyvale CAComplete S/SRMP102021-06-292024-02-22 (13)
Accipiter Communications Inc DBA Zona Communications
DBA: Zona Wyyerd
Principals, Affiliates, Subsidiaries & Parent: Wyyerd Group Holdings LLC, Wyyerd Connect LLC and Pacific Wyyerd LLC
2191Boulder COPartial S/SRMP62021-06-302024-02-26 (12)
Acclaim Telecom Services Richardson TXPartial S/SRMPLR2021-10-042022-08-25 (6)
Accoona Global LLC077KFarmers Branch TXComplete S/SRMP22021-06-302024-02-22 (13)
ACCT Solutions LLC
Prev: QiiRing, Inc
 KNOXVILLE TNComplete S/S  2021-09-232022-08-25 (6)
AccuCloud, Inc Holly Springs NCComplete S/S  2021-09-302022-08-25 (5)